Back To Our Roots

It’s so easy to get caught up in the chaos of schedules, deadlines, driving to and fro, studying, taking care of kids, etc, that we lose touch with our ancestral connection to the circle of life. So let us remember. We are a part of the delicate, intricate balance of energy that connects the air, water, land, and other life that resides on this planet. We breathe in and out each and every day, taking in the oxygen that was produced by the oceans and plants surrounding us. We drink the water that falls from the sky, and that is stored beneath our feet in giant aquifers. We stretch out our arms and yawn, the same way a lion might yawn with it’s paws outstretched, opening it’s sleepy eyes after an afternoon nap laying in the shade of a tree. We open our hearts and this raw, powerful feeling of love flows from within, without our knowing why or how, and allows us to look into the eyes of another and feel uplifted and whole. We look up at the moon and think of bigger, braver things than the small worries that sometimes plague our minds. We explore and play in this interesting and beautiful world. We are wild. We are free. We are connected.

Under all that pavement…under all that noise…under all those shopping malls and freeways…lies the earth. Let’s not forget her. Let’s not forget whence we came.

Eyes Lost At Sea

There is something truly captivating about the way a surfer gazes out into the ocean, completely in tune with the sound of each crashing wave and the smell of the misty salt air hovering over the water. It’s as though one suddenly becomes adrift, lost in the mystery of the sea.

Peanut Butter

This adorable short film by surfer Leah Dawson and musician Michael Franti will surely warm your heart this winter. It is a tale about the friendship of a surfer and her board, and represents the many memories that can be attached to any prized possession. A surfboard brings joy and peace to a surfer and bonds him or her to the energy of the sea.


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