Strength comes not from muscles, but from courage and compassion

Malala is a young girl from Pakistan who became the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize last year. After being shot in the head by Taliban who aimed to silence her call for education for girls, she became an activist for education around the world and her voice keeps getting louder and louder, empowering change and equality for all. Malala was only 17 when she gave this speech, and her courageous and noble words have electrified those who listen.

Wisdom resides in the stars

Take the time to immerse yourself in the magic of this world. The sea, the land, the sky- these surroundings offer much more than just a pretty view. They connect you to the diverse energy that dances around your life, and reminds you that you are not alone, nor are you the center of the Universe. Rather that you reside in the Universe and the Universe resides in you.


The Fate of Orcas in Captivity

Do whales belong in captivity? This is something that we all need to think about as humans on this planet. We have a moral responsibility to speak up when something gets out of hand, and in this case,  it’s when a corporation begins to gain wealth at the expense of another. Orcas are majestic creatures who require a wide expansive ocean to travel, hunt, form families, and play.

There is this very outdated argument for captivity that goes something like this: “Having animals in captivity provides education for these people who may never see this certain animal in the wild, and in turn changes their perspective on caring for the planet”. But this is a dangerous assumption. There is a much larger message being sent here that stares us right in the face as we gaze into the vacant, lost eyes of a caged animal. A lesson that humans have control over all other things, that we have the right to take the freedom of another and in some cases, have them entertain for us, and that because of this planet’s environmental (human-induced) issues we somehow have the right to sacrifice the freedom of hundreds of animals for “educational” purposes to teach others that we are destroying the habitats of these animals? Does that even make any sense?

Is a lion still a lion without the rising orange sun over the African plains? Is a whale still a whale without the sound of seabirds overhead, or without the rocky shorelines or the passing schools of fish, or the feel of the waves as they leap out of the water? Is a polar bear still a polar bear when viewing the world from behind a sheet of glass?? Consider what we have done to the animals of this planet. What are we really teaching kids when we take them to Seaworld, or the zoo? Take a second and think about this. We don’t cage up little girls and put them behind glass to educate the world on how we need to cause a paradigm shift in the treatment of women and girls in this world. We don’t do it to our own kind, so why would we do it to another species? If your answer is that humans are more important than I suggest you humble yourself a bit and go meditate on that.

Love is Love. All species deserve it. Equality for all.


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