The truth is, this world at times is chaotic, tragic, and unexpected. As a result, there is a certain numbness that has swallowed many people who feel they don’t have a purpose, or who are forever unsatisfied. Some chase happiness as if it is made of new cars, money, power, shopping malls, or fancy homes. Unfortunately the raw, emotional act of being “present” is cast aside, and people forget what it means to be in the moment. It’s incredibly hard these days to filter out the bullshit and narrow down what’s real. Daily life that involves deadlines, schedules, and little free time to actually just “be” has put people at high levels of stress. Time becomes just numbers on a clock, rather than the here and now. That’s why it is unbelievably important to know what you value- to recognize those people, places, or experiences that you care about. To put those things first that you hold close to your heart. If you have a chance to reflect on your life before you leave this world, what will you be thankful for? As the saying goes, you most certainly won’t wish that you spent more time at the office.

Take the time to laugh, grow, love, and explore. And never waste an opportunity to tell the people you care about how much light they bring into your life.


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