Magic is not just rabbits popping out of hats or handkerchiefs as long as the Nile River coming out of your sleeve. Magic is everywhere- life is full of it. It lives and breathes within us. It sighs and dances from the limbs of trees, it lands gentle on your skin with the warmth of the sun, it skips and hops around raindrops falling from dark mysterious skies- hands outstretched with your head tilted back, it drips down your face and lingers on your tongue. It soars over snow covered mountaintops, and dives into the salty sea; it lands softly on your fragile heart and trickles down your arm, it surrounds you in the form of rhythm and melody, and paints your world. And the magic you carry inside you, the special kind that can only come from you, well this leaks out…yes it escapes from you. And that magic is put out into the world to be marveled and shared by others. You are a magician.


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